Your company or business deserves the same diligent financial planning as your personal affairs, after all the two are inextricably intertwined. Whether you are self employed or part of a large company with many employees, you need to make your plans on the same principles: protect what you have, be as tax efficient as possible and work towards your goal.
Your financial planning goals will be harmonious with your business planning and also take into account some of those unforeseen event along the way.

Take a moment to consider:

What if a fellow shareholder / partner dies? What happens to their shareholding in your business?
What would happen if a trusted and vital employee on whom you rely on daily, dies or becomes ill? How would you cope?
Do your employees have the benefits package they deserve and one that will stop them from accepting an offer from a competitor?

We are experts in corporate financial planning and can advise on:

  • all protection solutions – shareholder protection; key person cover; Relevant Life Plans; income protection; group cover
  • Employee benefit packages – group life/critical illness cover; group Private Medical Insurance
  • Exit planning – you have worked to build your business – what happens when you want to retire or sell?